We exist to glorify God through Christ-centered Biblical teaching, humble prayer, dedicated fellowship, selfless service & honest praise. Our foundation is the Lord, Jesus Christ and our code of guidance in all that we do is the Word of God.

We invite you to worship with us.
Join us Sundays for

Sunday School @ 9:30am

Worship Service @ 10:45am

What To Expect

Defining markers of our church & worship

Expository Preaching

Every word in the Bible is the perfect, sufficient and enduring truth of God and as such demands our diligent study. The goal of each of our Sunday morning messages is to walk through and expose the meaning of the Bible, verse by verse, so that we can humbly, joyfully and zealously submit to it & apply it to our lives.

Humble Prayer

Jesus is recorded 25 times  praying to God the Father in the Gospels.  Prayer was such a pervasive and vital part of Jesus' earthly ministry that it is the only spiritual discipline that the disciples are recorded having asked Jesus to teach them.  Fittingly, all the followers of Jesus are commanded to be like Jesus and pray without ceasing.  At FBC, we are committed to growing in prayer individually, with our families, and with the entire church body.



The Bible is at the center of all that we do. As we study God's word together, we grow together in relationship and fellowship and are able to encourage, challenge and help each other become the disciples God has called us to be.

Cross Generational

We believe there is great value in having all ages worshipping together and incorporated into the main worship service. No one age is more valuable than the other and it is our great joy to have all generations serving, growing and worshipping the Lord alongside each-other in all aspects of church ministry and worship.

Together We Pray

Our Year of Focus on Prayer

1 Thessalonians 5:17 calls all who follow Jesus to “pray without ceasing” and it is our commitment and desire to obey this wonderful command for God's glory. Starting in May 2023 and on into the following year, we are going to be preaching on, reading about, writing about and gathering in prayer as often as we can .  It is our hope that as we prioritize this focus - individual, family, and church-wide God-pleasing prayer becomes more and more abundant in all of our lives.

Below are listings of several books, blogs, and  events that we encourage you to read and participate in in hopes that God will use it to grow you in your commitment to prayer.