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Welcome to First Baptist Church of Eaton Rapids

We are a church in Eaton Rapids that exists to glorify God. Following Jesus means that every aspect of our lives including our personal holiness, marriages, family, jobs, and friendships are now lived for God's glory. So whether it's through our Worship Service on Sunday Morning, or our Connect Groups, Bible Studies, & other weekly ministries, we aim to glorify God by showing love to each other by helping strengthen and edify each other towards Christlikeness.

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What To Expect

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Expository Preaching

Every word in the Bible is the perfect, sufficient and enduring truth of God and as such demands our diligent study. The goal of each of our Sunday morning messages is to walk through and expose the meaning of the Bible, verse by verse, so that we can humbly, joyfully and zealously submit to it & apply it to our lives.

Experiencing God


The Bible is at the center of all that we do. We are committed to studying God's word together so that we can grow together in relationship and fellowship and encourage, challenge and help each other become the disciples God has called us to be.

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Humble Prayer

We believe there is great power, not in prayer itself, but in God whom we are praying to. We take seriously our call to pray and are committed to growing in prayer individually, with our families, and with the church body.


Cross Generational Church (1)

Cross Generational

We are committed to multi-generational ministry which seeks to unite children and adults in worship and service. As much as possible, we seek to be family integrated while still including special times for age specific instruction.

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Questions You Might Have before visiting

At 9:30am we have Sunday School classes for adults, youth and children where we study Biblical doctrine and other Biblical topics in a smaller more intimate setting. 

This is then followed by our worship service at 10:45am where we sing praises to our God, offer up sacrifices through giving, and then listen to God's word preached through the sermon.

After service, we have what we call "Cookie Time" where we grab a refreshment and chat, fellowship and catch up with one another. 

We believe there is Biblical precedence and greater value in the spiritual development of our children to have them in worship service learning to participate in all aspects of worship from a young age rather than being separated out to their own age-graded ministry. 

  1. Children nursery age to Kindergarten start off in service with their parents and participate in prayer and singing. A nursery and "Kid's Church" is then made available during the sermon for kids nursery age to Kindergarten. Kid's are dismissed from service at the start of the sermon and parents interested in having their kids participate are invited to walk over. During their time in the classroom, children are challenged and taught to listen attentively to the teaching of God's Word as they take part in a lesson specific to their age group.
  2. For children 1st grade and above - Our pastor creates "Kid's Sermon Notes" each week for the children to follow the outline of his sermon. The notes have special fill in the blank spots that are highlighted in the sermon PowerPoint on the large screen. Children can pick up a clipboard and pencil case in the foyer, follow along with the sermon and then at the end of service line up at the front to receive a prize for their completed notes.

Many visitors want to know where we stand on certain "hot topics" relating to today's culture. In addition to our Beliefs Document that details our core fundamental beliefs, our elders have also put together a Teaching On Social Issues Document to clearly outline where we stand and what you can expect to be taught regarding certain social issues that permeate our current culture (gender, LGBTQ, abortion, etc). We encourage you to read both documents and reach out if you have any questions or would like to talk more about anything.

Whether, you are just exploring the teachings of the Bible or are a seasoned Christian, we invite you to join us on a Sunday Morning for Worship Service so we can meet you in person and talk with you more. We'll provide you with a welcome bag and share with you more about the different ministries we have and opportunities you have to either learn more about Christianity or grow deeper in your faith alongside the church body here at FBC.