Why God?


I ask/tell/yell that question frequently.  I’ve asked it in anger due to writhing heart and physical pain.  I have asked it with disgust as I’ve driven through third world regions ravaged with malnutrition and joblessness.   I’ve asked it when my motivation has hit rock bottom.   And like an inquisitive child asking their parent why the sky is blue, I have put this question to God.

And to be honest, sometimes it seems like God’s got some twisted, even heartless, motives.  But Proverbs 4:4 is one of the many reminders that God’s motives for all that He allows and does are truly just, admirable and full of grace.  In Proverbs 4:4 Solomon is speaking to his son and God is using that to speak to us.  And he says, “…let your heart retain my words; keep my commands and live.”  Did you catch those last two words?  They reveal God’s motive for His revelation and commands.  He wants us to live! Due to difficulty, the self-destructive desire to be autonomous, and the want to sin, many view God’s revelation and commands as life-stifling.  Just ancient fun-suckers put in place by a tyrannical God.  But nothing could be further from the truth.  God reveals himself and give commands to show us who He is and how He has designed us to live.

The ultimate demonstration of this is the Gospel!  Jesus, the Son of God, came to pay for our sin on the cross so that all who believe in Him can have that payment applied to their account and receive eternal life.

Today, COVID-19 is making us all ask, “Why God?”  And the truth is the answer may be different for each of us.  He may be allowing this to bring you closer to your family, change your dependence from your job to Him, change your focus from things of the world to Him, or to give you an opportunity to witness.  He may be utilizing this to change your heart from unbelief to belief in Jesus Christ. Whatever it is, be encouraged.  His motivation, if you are a believer in Jesus, is to enhance your life.  And if you are not a believer His motivation is to show you the only place where life can be found.  In His Son Jesus Christ who is the way, the truth and the life.
– Pastor John

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Pastor John Wright

Pastor John is married to his beautiful wife Kimberly and has 6 young children. John holds a Master’s of Theology (ThM.) from Dallas Theological Seminary and has been serving in full-time pastoral ministry for 11 years. John is passionate about declaring the truth of the Gospel and leading people in their knowledge, understanding and application of God's Word.