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I’d like to challenge you with this question. What are you delighting in?

Your delight is what you think about.  If you are constantly belittling someone else in your mind, then their destruction has become your sinful delight.  If you find yourself repeating past hurts or regularly assuming foul play often, then bitterness is your delight.  If you’re always picturing a different life, finances, or family than what God has given you, then your delight is discontent. If what’s new on the phone is constantly drawing you, or you’re obsessing over calories, it’s your delight.  Wherever your mind regularly, or most easy goes throughout the day is your delight.  Ask yourself this question?  What is my real delight?

Question:  What SHOULD our delight be?
Psalm 1 says of the person blessed by God,
But his delight is in the law of the Lord, and in His law he meditates day and night.”
The word “law” is the Hebrew word “torah.”  Which is often used as a name for the Pentateuch (1st five books of the Bible).  But it is also used, as in Psalm 1, to refer to all the teachings of God that were available when the Psalm was written.  So, when David says, “His delight is in the law of the Lord,” it carries the same meaning as when we say, “I delight in the Word of God.”

The Hebrew word for “meditate” means “to think about” or “dwell on.”  When coupled with the phrase “day and night” it means “to think deeply about” or “to study intensely.”  So, when David says that he meditates day and night on God’s Word it means that he is thinking deeply about it all day.

Question: What are HELPFUL HABITS for cultivating a mind that delights in God’s word all day?
Get in the Word every day.  When I was a Jr. High teacher, I got to work about two hours before school started.  Why?  So, I could be in the Word for an hour and then prep for the day for the next hour.  After doing this for a couple months I found myself not only thinking about the Word throughout the day, but longing intensely to get into the Word.  Devotions changed from a habit to a passion.  By God’s grace the Word became a book I could not put down or stop thinking about.  And this brought blessing!  Joy filled my heart no matter what the day brought.

FBC, what are you and I delighting in today?  I encourage you to dive deep into the Word so you can delight in the Word, and be blessed by our amazing God.

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Pastor John Wright

Pastor John is married to his beautiful wife Kimberly and has 6 young children. John holds a Master’s of Theology (ThM.) from Dallas Theological Seminary and has been serving in full-time pastoral ministry for 11 years. John is passionate about declaring the truth of the Gospel and leading people in their knowledge, understanding and application of God's Word.