Be Encouraged: Praying the Psalms (Part 2)


“Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth.”

~ Psalm 100:1

Psalm 100 is one of my favorite passages of scripture.  It’s short, encouraging, and a fireball of exhortation to God’s people to praise.  As I mentioned in our Be Encouraged post yesterday, I find myself enraptured in the Psalms frequently, and often times can relate to the praise or plight of the Psalmist.  When I read a Psalm like this one, I am fired up to worship Christ.  This Psalm also encourages me to worship with the right attitude, that is an attitude of thanksgiving.

Psalm 100 is known as a Hymn Psalm  Hymns usually open with a call to praise and then give the reader grounds by which we are to praise God.  Usually, they then close with a renewed call to praise which echoes the introduction. 

As a reminder, When praying a Psalm, I will state the scripture back to God in the form of a prayer.  I would encourage you to read the whole Psalm for yourself.  Soak in its truth.  Below, you will find my prayer to the Lord based on the reading in Psalm 100.  You may read and pray my prayer with me, or use my prayer below as a format to discover how to pray the Psalms for yourself.  Join me as I pray:

“Praise you, Jesus!  You are worthy of praise today and everyday!  I will raise up a shout of praise to you, loud praises to my God, for the great things you have done!  I look forward to the day when all of the earth, every tribe and tongue, will sing your praise.  Until that day, I will not be ashamed to rejoice in you, my King, for you have given me great reason to worship you (v1)!

Lord, help my spirit to worship you with gladness and with joy.  I pray that my anxieties and my struggles will wash away as I lift up my prayerful praise to You.  When I sing, let my songs be sung in joy and wonder at your grace and mercy given to me by the shed blood of Jesus Christ (v2).

Help me to remember, despite my circumstances, that you are my God, and that you are sovereign and in control.  You know my inward being, You know my heart, so I will give thanks to you, that you provide for me in ways that I cannot even see or fathom.  Thank you God that you have adopted me, and that I belong to you (v3).

As the Israelites entered the gates of the city with praise, I will do so with thanksgiving.  When I gather with my brothers and sisters in Christ, I will praise you with thanksgiving, passionately giving thanks for all that you’ve done for me.  I thank you Lord that you have shown me your salvation, and that salvation will endure forever and ever.  You are worthy of praise!  Amen! (v4-5)”

Be Encouraged <><

Pastor Chris

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