Time to Pray!


As many of you have seen, over the past couple of weeks there has been unrest and violence all over our nation.  In addition to this, we are meeting together this week for services for the first time.

Today, instead of writing a lengthy article that may take you five or so minutes to read, I want us to join together and pray.  When you find yourself reading this article, stop what you’re doing, and spend a few minutes in prayer.  Here is what you can pray for:

  • Our nation and it’s leaders.
  • That racism in all forms would cease.
  • That violence and unrest would cease.
  • That the peace of Christ would rule in our hearts and the hearts of others in our nation.
  • That as we gather together, our church would experience a new normal.  Having experienced a lack of fellowship over the last 12 weeks, this new normal would be an appreciation for the gathering of the body, an appreciation for corporate worship, and thus hearts that would overflow in praise of Jesus Christ.
  • That we would remain safe from Covid-19 and any other ailments that could harm our people.
  • That we would honor and glorify Jesus Christ as a church in everything that we do.

Thanks for joining me in prayer!

“May we shout for joy over your salvation, and in the name of our God set up our banners! May the Lord fulfill all your petitions!”  Psalm 20:5

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Pastor Chris Ridler

Pastor Chris is married to his beautiful wife Becky and has a precious son named Noah. Chris received his Bachelor’s degree from Northwestern State University and is currently working on his Master’s of Divinity at Reformed Theological Seminary. Chris has served in full time ministry for over 13 years – as either a Youth Pastor, Worship Pastor or House Parent and is passionate about seeing people grow in their walk with Christ and disciple others for the glory of God’s kingdom.

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